About A Girl.

Hello one and all!

The name is Vanessa Celina, and I’m much more older than I was the last time I was around.

I’m currently 31, turned 31 on May 5.

In a very committed relationship with the man of my dreams, mother to two fur babies and one human baby.

Currently residing in Arkansas, US. Drastic change from California but I thoroughly enjoy it!

IMG_2464I play video games, and am super obsessed with my online friends, okay not super obsessed but they’re literally my besties. I play a few different kind of games, and have a variety of systems. My main console is Playstation 4, and I’m playing Destiny on that bisssssh almost everyday. But I also have an Xbox 1, and a gaming PC which I’ll be honest is mainly used for Sims 4 and all it’s mods. I have a MacBook Pro which I use for everything else, and by everything else I really mean Heroes of the Storm. If you guys want you can add me on PS4.

I’m currently apart of a super awesome gaming community. I’m an affiliate with Hotkey Gaming, which is beyond amazing! I used to stream a lot of video games before,  but had gotten distracted and then stopped for a while. But I will be starting to stream and promote my gaming info moving forward!

If you’re into it, definitely go to http://www.hotkeygaming.com. When you purchase anything from the store, make sure you enter vanessaceliiina in check out. 🙂

PS4 and Xbox – vanessaceliiina

This is my little love, and brat of my life.

When my mother told me that my baby would be just like how I was when I was a little girl, unfortunately it’s very much the case.

This little girl is absolutely wonderful, but a tad bit on the wild side. But she’s absolutely wonderful. I’m loving being a mama, but this little one definitely stresses me out.

This little boy is the baby we got right before our little princess came. His name is Demonpup, aka poops, aka Gorditi, aka puppy. Haha. He’s obsessed with balls and his shoe.

Then there is our other baby, his name is Jack and I call him friend, jackfriend, amigo friend. He’s the cuddle bug of the group, but definitely doesn’t enjoy his little sister very much. Haha.