About A Girl.

IMG_6037Hey there!

I’m not entirely sure what to share about myself with you guys, but here goes nothing.

My name is Vanessa Celina, but you can call me Vanessa or Bubbles. I’m 28 years old, which means I’m relatively old now. My day of birth is May 5, 1991 which makes me a Taurus and I was born the year of the sheep. “Baaaaaa.” My birthstone is an emerald, and my favorite colors are black and green.

I’m currently in a very amazing relationship with a super amazing man. He’s literally the best person to have come into my life, granted he was definitely in my life prior to this relationship. We’re currently doing a long distance relationship, and I’m so excited for the future we have planned. I’m going to marry him on June 7th, 2019 because when you meet someone who makes your heart flourish it’ll definitely make everything better. Jason, has really brought me a different kind of light to my life. He’s helping me realize that I’m a priority to him, and I really love that. I love how he makes me feel because I’ve never really felt this important to anyone before. He’s helping mend my heart after all the damage it had received.

IMG_2464I play video games, and am super obsessed with my online friends, okay not super obsessed but they’re literally my besties. I play a few different kind of games, and have a variety of systems. My main console is Playstation 4, and I’m playing Destiny on that bisssssh almost everyday. But I also have an Xbox 1, and a gaming PC which I’ll be honest is mainly used for Sims 4 and all it’s mods. I have a MacBook Pro which I use for everything else, and by everything else I really mean Heroes of the Storm. If you guys want you can add me on PS4.

I’m currently apart of a super awesome gaming community. I’m an affiliate with Hotkey Gaming, which is beyond amazing! I used to stream a lot of video games before,  but had gotten distracted and then stopped for a while. But I will be starting to stream and promote my gaming info moving forward!

If you’re into it, definitely go to http://www.hotkeygaming.com. When you purchase anything from the store, make sure you enter vanessaceliiina in check out. 🙂

PS4 and Xbox – vanessaceliiina

I’m a mommy to a dramatic fur child, she is a girl but her name is Lord Shaxx. This could be due to the fact when I got this little girl I thought she was a boy, I was informed she was also a boy so I mean how else was I supposed to know she wasn’t a he. Well I google stuff, and found a video showing me the sex of cats. I was like waaaaaait, does this mean. I looked at my boyfriend at the time, and was like oh my god. Shaxx is a girl, he didn’t know if he believed me but then we took her to the vet. They confirmed she was in fact a she. She is also the most annoying cat you’ll ever meet, she’s a jerk and a meanie face. But you know its one those things you really can’t help but love. My little girl Lord Shaxx.